SARAH  McRAE  MORTON the paintings
Vanishing PointAbracadabraTell Tail Shell and Tooth and Hounds, Speckled Pale and the Tale of the Last Wolf of HurxthalWay Word Fleck and Flicker in the EyeBowPied Beauty- all tackle trades and trim- after G.M. HopkinsMast YearFour Leaved CoverSimple GiftsPannage and Scratch CakeBinseyCoronation FairBarred Plymouth RockShepherds of Sky and SeaMaking BeliefSky Churned Milk Lit RougeThe Bell RangeTerrapin Rosin Brush Fire FableScalesOde to Joy, Deviled Eggs and Angel Cake The Half Life of Luck, Frank Morley Fletcher Twist Morton in the CloverAnother DissentArtifactsGroundskeeperBarnstormer and the Lady PioneerThe PrizeGolden Boy on the DiamondLaika in the StarsHugo and the FirefightressNapoleon's Boots, The Falconer's Bells, and GingersnapWicket in Rembrandt's YardSleeping Grace at Bravo's BendCoral, Lime, Eve and Cam and the Height of the 21.5 Hour DayOf Bud and Coats and Fountain PensPassengerPaper LeopardsCrownCounty SeatValentineMaking of the Yellow RoanOld Fabled WolfHawk's SpeedThe Dress of the Natural History MythRoam of the BraveWilding the Dandelion Gardner's BullLight Fast and Sugar Footed FledglingBuffalo Jump after Guernica by Pablo PicassoSilent Spring and Loudest FallMarch of the StewardsSybil's MareThe Rescue of Lady Bird FinchLacrimosaThe Rescue of the Alabaster WhaleThe Last Great WhaleRight to the Edge of the WorldBarnstone's Alabaster Whale and the Rescue of the GyrfalconsJesses for Future Wooden SkiesThe Creance of the Monster of the Sleep of Reason after the 43rd etching of Los Caprichos by Francisco GoyaPeale's Proof and the Palace of CharbonneauThe Tale of the Miller and the LuthierWading by Embers of Burnt MapsThe Girl Who Tamed the ArcticThe Read the Hooves and the Heart after Le Mort de Bars by Charles Moreau- Vauthier (1857-1924)Epiphany at the station GateMary in the Reeds with Ostrich Feathers in her PocketThe Trapper of DelftThe Gleaners Backlit on the ReelThe ArcThe Impossible HuntThe Glare in the Eye of the HareThe Flying Fox TradeThe Good SkyThe Blind Beekeeper's Watch The last word before the joints of the chair creakedThe Traces of Saint Bazo's Decoy and the Pony HubertAn Invitation to the Ghosts of Gleaners PastThe AllgyersThe Boar of Chestnut Burr and her Eight Charms Eleanor Roosevelt's Butter Knives and the Wallpaper of Natural HistoryFinding Cezanne After Hours and Oysters and Little ThingsThe Progress of Pilgrims Descending the Stairs of Rembrandt's HouseA Yard Where the Trees Grow BlueEmerald Spell(detail of) The Milliner of Hinton and the Lace Farmer of VeniceThe Lover's EyeA Bluestocking's Hair PinThe KeeperThe Thread of Semper AugustusVan Fleet FireThe Eyrie of MarchIn Roosevelt's HatA Day Behind the Wolf Trapper, Tussa and Evelynn Mapping Imaginary Places on Green Horses
The Fox of Concord and Men of Lancaster
The Highest Point of a Chesuncook ShoalThe Procession to True Places - to the Ends of the EarthPaul Holmes and the Last Blue BearThe Bellows of the BearBoyhood portrait of the huntsman heading west with the sight of a bearThe Freight of Fiver The Ark of the North Country Girl and the Cape of CuriosityThe First Fire, Last Light and Final Night of WillWills of Morton and Bonnie- the night he wrote the letter that would be lost for 100 years.SusThe Map Maker's DaughterSailorFate of the Truest WandererMap for the Truest WandererWilding on November 1st, the worth of a pig- after Homer's "Fog Warning"The curl of the tail and the worth of a pigShelter for Mr Hatfield and Mr. McCoyAtlas FoundThe Pequod Captain's SonQuinn's Iron Horse and Rose Strewn Course to Paint CreekBanks and SmithThe Battle ground of Paint Creek and all the wishes under foot - my 2015 annual Self PortraitFirst Flight- You Cant See a Ship You Have Never Seen BeforeThe Tower to the Cusp of Curiosity of CharbonneauThe Watch Keeper in the WingsGreen Keys of Golden LocksMary Caperton on the Third Saturday of September Under the Willow CrownA Horse Named PilgrimUntold Lies of LimeThe Light of Rocinante after "Las Meninas" by VelazquezThe Angle of Repose or the Port of CuriosityThe Procession, the Third Way to the Banks of Maple IslandThe Earnest, the Strings of the Bear, and the Heartbreak of Natural HistoryFox Hunting With Emily DickinsonGirlhood Portrait of Edna St. Vincent Millay as "The Waste Man's Little Daughter"The Imaginary FeastLissom PoplarFlight of the Fighting FinchBanks of the Blue RidgeWilliam Bankes as the Unidentified Huntsman after Girodet de Roussy -TriosonThe Last Look at Blue Jacket- Paulee as Sully's Boy with Torn HatSecretly sewing a letter to HirstFallen from the Sweet Briar BranchMay DayFablesThe Daughter of the Sleigh Bed CarpenterThe Salted Movable Feast- The Right Panel  after Winslow Homer's "Right and Left"Thirty Minutes Left of SightErnest and Wolf, Winslow and Sully after the Lampeter FairMy Nikolas, the Blind Beekeeper's Grandson (detail)Florence and the Blind FinchThe Soul in Braids
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